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"Evan Charles Lane Lauriat" —Phillips Lauriat and Marjory Russakoff

"In honor of Elaine Lauriat, Wesleyan Class of '09." —Phillips Lauriat and Marjory Russakoff

"In honor of Lane Lauriat." —Phillips Lauriat and Marjory Russakoff

"Karen Gadbois" —Mary Rowe

"In honor of Mary Ellen Ross." —Margaret Ross-Martin

"In memory of Jerry Romig" —Mark Romig and David Briggs

"In honor of Karen Gadbois." —Mark Romig and David Briggs

"journalists" —Elizabeth Jane Rolling

"In honor of The Free Press" —Pete Swenson and Pam Jewson

"In honor of the incredible reporting of Matt Davis!" —Eric Jensen

"In honor of those who have lost their lives speaking the truth to power. Thank you Lens staff for being the "truth tellers" of the Gulf Coast." —Tessa Jackson

"In memory of Susan Linnee" —Faye Prince and Kent Prince

"In honor of Jean B. Boebel who believed in the power of clean government practices." —Amy Jean Boebel

"Truth" —Paula Hoffman

"In honor of New Orleans, city of my birth, and in pride of its and your indomitable spirit! Good luck!!" —Paula Hoffman

"In honor of Monica Edelstein & Kenneth Hoffman." —Paula Hoffman

"the good work that you do!" —Paula Hoffman

"Jed Horne" —Barbara Hill

"The data driven and compassionate mission on behalf of ALL New Orleanians, the reporters who dig in and Anne Mueller who keeps inviting me to events. I'm in Boston but a frequent visitor." —Paul Tamburello

"In memory of Kerry Hearns." —Ingrid Hearns-Alexander

"In honor of Louis, Verna Mae & Kerry Hearns." —Ingrid Hearns-Alexander

"Deb Cotton" —Jeremy Head and Stacy Head

"In-depth reporting needs" —Jeremy Head and Stacy Head

"Karen gadbois" —Jeremy Head and Stacy Head

"In honor of Steve Myers. In honor of Aida Myers' first day of school in New Orleans." —Lynn Bettis and Bruce Bettis

"in honor of Steve Myers" —Lynn Bettis and Bruce Bettis

"In honor of Steve Myers and his new baby Auden Flynn Myers." —Lynn Bettis and Bruce Bettis

"In honor of the children of New Orleans." —Lynn Bettis and Bruce Bettis

"The great work of Lens' journalists" —Victoria Bush

"In honor of my fellow journos who take the craft seriously and remember life before blogs." —Jewel Bush

"Lenore Stephens" —Jill Stephens

"Thankful for Bob Marshall's environmental reporting." —Chris Staudinger

"In honor of Linda Usdin's birthday." —Burka Family

"Steve Beatty" —Keith Marshall and Mildred Ball

"Thanks to Steve and the gang." —Keith Marshall and Mildred Ball

"In honor Linda Usdin and Anne Mueller." —Florence Andre

"In honor of Anne Mueller." —Stephen Algero

"In memory of Mrs. Merle S. Marshall." —Merle Albers

"good journalism" —Thomas Abrams

"Banking on the Future of The Lens campaign. Good luck! (:" —Thomas Abrams

"The tremendous work of Steve Beatty, Anne Mueller and the entire staff of The Lens" —Andy Hall / Wisconsin Watch

"In honor of Louis Nelson." —Sue Hall

"In honor of Marion Horner" —Mimi Horner Groome and John Groome

"In honor of ace journalist Steve Beatty." —Michael Gray

"In honor of Karen Gadbois." —Roberta Gratz

"all of you" —Roberta Gratz

"In honor Aida Schooler." —Karen Gadbois

"In honor of Ashley Morris." —Clay Kirby

"In memory of Mrs. Merle S. Marshall." —Richard and Christine Duncan

"In honor of all those affected by flooding in New Orleans and surrounding areas." —Nancy Dinoto

"In honor of Bev Nichols." —Lois Simpson

"In honor of Karen Gadbois." —Laura Lippman and David Simon

"In honor of SEIU Local21 LA." —SEIU Local 21 LA

"In honor of the tradition of daily news in this magic and great newspaper city." —Linda Santi

"Sally Grinspan" —Ricky Zacharias

"All of the New Orleanians that I have known, those native and those reborn here." —Darlene Wolnik

"In honor of Karen Gadbois for her Ethics in Journalism award." —Holly Wiseman

"My grandmother, Carmen Schaubuhut, who taught me to be an active citizen." —Jessica Orgeron

"Bert Odem" —Sarah Odem

"In honor of W.I. "Bert" Odem." —Sarah Odem

"In honor of Deb Cotton." —Bev Nichols

"In honor of Ana." —Jana Napoli

"REAL, not FAKE news." —David Munroe

"Honesty" —Christopher Dendy

"In honor of Stephanie Grace." —Christopher Dendy

"In honor of Karen Gadbois' continued vision." —Rick and Ina Davis

"Steve Myers" —Deirdre Cullen

"In honor of John McDonough, 1779 - 1850." —Keith Crawford

"Marion Turner" —Ariella Cohen

"In honor of Portia Rotkin, my grandmother who always taught me to ask questions and pay attention." —Ariella Cohen

"In honor of Nathan Bolton and Bill Chapman, former newspaper publishers." —Nathan Chapman

"In honor of the best in the business." —Jessica Williams

"Karen Gabois and Anne Mueller" —Jessica Williams

"In honor of Jed Horne." —Jane Wholey

"Diana Jane Beliard" —Ralph Weymouth

"In honor of my mother, who wasn't afraid to ask the tough questions." —Alan Maclachlan

"Karen Gadbois" —Meg Lousteau

"In honor of Karen Gadbois." —Meg Lousteau

"In honor of Vital Information!" —Catherine Mizell-Nelson

"In honor of Dana Eness." —Catherine Mizell-Nelson

"Austin Lavin" —Carter Lavin

"Marta Jewson's Lusher article" —Leo Laventhal

"Martha Jewson's reporting on charter schools" —Leo Laventhal

"Deborah Cotton" —Dennis LaRock and Anne LaRock

"In honor of John T. O'Connor." —Dolores Walker

"New orleans" —Stacy Souchaud

"Ann C. Byrne" —Constantine Von Hoffman

"Karen Gadbois in brown smoking a cig in the back room of Buffa’s in 2009 or after a Rising Tide panel" —Bradley Vogel

"Bill Borah" —Bradley Vogel

"Thanks for great Lycee Francais coverage this year!" —Molly Vigour

"In honor of Karen Gadbois." —Wayne Troyer

"In honor of independent, truthful reporting." —Barbara Forrest

"In honor of Don Theriot." —Karin Giger and Laurance Eustis

"Rosalie Grego" —Diane Webber-Thrush

"My grandmother, Marion" —Kristine Kovach

"The First Amendment" —Carolyn Scofield

"Marta jewson" —brandon strunk

"Damian Tatum" —Michael Smith

"The Lens Staff" —Leslie Gerwin

"Stephanie Stokes" —Laura Drumm

"Truth and reason" —Maureen Kroha

"Jennifer Coleman" —Jonathan Leit

"Cynthia Joyce" —Bebe Ryan

"Fake Subpoenas" —Bruce Hamilton

"Walter Pierce" —Kathy Abshire

"Truth" —Daniel Manriquez

"Educational transparency" —Daniel Manriquez

"Louisiana's Coast" —Bess Carrick

"Steve Beatty" —Tim Smith

"Paul Poorman" —Tim Smith

"New Orleans, Louisiana, and Journalistic Integrity" —Kristen Gremillion

"The lens' reporting team!!!" —Cynthia Joyce

"ELECTION MAPS <3" —Emily Ashley

"Thanks for the NOPD/FF millage coverage map." —Emily Ashley

"Steve Beatty" —David Voreacos

"Tommy Stewart" —Laura Stewart

"Donald Trump" —Cheryl Gerber

"avenue cafe" —miklos mendler

"intrepid reporters everywhere" —James Stratton

"My son, lukas" —Blair Kolb

"Phillip G Oesterman" —Tom Capps

"Steve, Karen, and Ariella" —Subscriber Subscriber

"Abigail Barnell" —Subscriber Subscriber

"Karen Gadbois: her amazing achievements and intrinsic integrity coupled with the New England work ethic. Not the least...her genius. .Go Karen!" —Subscriber Subscriber

"Betty Buckley Cochran" —Steve Cochran

"Betty Buckley Cochran, we believed in the power of the truth." —Steve Cochran

"Karen Gadbois" —Maria Treffinger

"Bob Marshall" —Guy Seaburg

"Steve Beatty" —Matt Davis

"Armand Reginald LaPorte DeJean" —Julee LaPorte

"Jennifer Nehrbass" —Doug Nehrbass

"Pam Dashiell" —LoriAnn Girvan

"Sarah Morse, who did such great work with Karen discovering all those uncut lawns." —Jason Saul

"Bob Marshall" —Meredith Dowling

"In honor of Rachel Lee and Hannah Wolfman-Arent" —Marcus Smith

"Educational Transparency!" —Julie Sanders

"Jack Davis" —Kelly Mclaughlin Starr

"In honor of Norma Hotard, a born reporter." —Elizabeth Scott

"cypress forests" —scott eustis

"The Courier and Daily Comet" —Keith Magill

"Native New Orleanians" —Michelle & Kimball Schlafly

"IHO our son Charles B. Maldonado reporter extraordinaire!" —David Gillespie and Deborah Gillespie

"In honor of Charles B. Maldonado" —David Gillespie and Deborah Gillespie

"Good Journalism Everywhere" —Avram Penner

"Journalism" —Colin Ash

"Gen.Robert E. Lee- I miss him." —Edward Boasberg

"New Orleans" —Stacy Head

"In memory of Penny Eaves Becker" —Bruce Crutcher

"In memory of Robert C. Meder, Jr." —Lynn Chao and Steve Beatty

"In gratitude to Steve Beatty." —Lynn Chao and Steve Beatty

"In honor of Sue Mobley" —Hannah Kreiger-Benson

"Marta Jewson" —Hannah Kreiger-Benson

"Michael Stein" —Dimitri Fautsch

"Democracy" —Kate Siemens

"Marta Jewson's awesome work" —David Newman

"Donna Lednicky" —Sean Chadwell

"Baby Ravi" —George Peddle

"Democracy not dying in darkness" —Joel Cummins

"The Lens" —Aurelie Godet

"Diana Pinckley" —Thomas Tuohy

"workshop" —laura taylor

"me" —Lisanne Brown

"Karen Gadbois (Venceremos!)" —Tom Wright

"Hurricane Katrina" —David Fischer

"Dr. Brobson Lutz" —peggy laborde

"Journalism" —Anthony Lacey

"Meg Lousteau" —Stephanie Bruno

"James Geraghty" —Vanessa Murphree

"Herbert Gettridge" —June Cross

"12 Years after Katrina" —Robert Fogarty

"Amazon Alexa" —Abram Handler

"Journalist Eric Williams" —Daniel Morrison

"Free Press" —rexter chambers

"Stephanie Stokes" —Barri Bronston

"The Lambs" —James Pagones

"The Truth" —John Stokes